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Güres Teknoloji


Güres Group, which entered poultry in 1963, is the largest fully integrated egg production facility of our country, gathered under a single roof. Established in 2002, Güres Technology has become a brand that creates its own standards by systematizing its sectoral knowledge coming from Güres Group with innovative studies conducted by R&D engineers.

Customers satisfaction is always at the forefront in Güres Technology, which exports to 5 continents and many countries. The assembly, service and after-sales maintenance of the products sold are carried out in our country and in the world by the technical teams, all of which are the personnel of Güres Technology.

Produced by Güres Technology with its own patent; It is proud to present Eggspress Conveyor Systems developed by our R&D engineers using state-of-the-art systems after Egg Chicken Cage, Chick Rearing Cage, Broiler Cage, Enriched Egg Chicken Cage, Quail Cage, Breeder Cage and Air Conditioning Systems.

In order to offer alternative solutions to the poultry sector problems, it will continue to invest in product development projects using the highest level of engineering and technology, in collaboration with TUBİTAK and Universities, within the R&D systematic that works with full strenght.

Technical Characteristics of Güres Eggspress Conveyor System;


  Header Types and Features; 

Header system is a system produced in without a welded mounting system.

Instead of the mechanical chain tensioning system in the header, a self - tensioning system was used. The advantage of this system is that the tension of the chain is expanded and concentrated depending on the seasonal conditions, so its constant tension should be controlled. But thanks to the system we use, chain provides its constant tension at the desired level. 

There are three different head sizes.

There are three different head sizes. These are; Its dived into three as 50cm, 65cm and 80cm